Gore Verbinski

Sam Mendes

Chuck Close

Werner Herzog

Richard Curtis

Lloyd Kaufman

Tom Sturridge

Bill Ayers

John Kricfalusi

Abigail Breslin

Herschell Gordon Lewis

A.O. Scott

Michael Phillips

Roger Beebe

Joe Grimm


Noah, And Other Troubled Waters” for Fandor.com

History of Film at the Institute of Design (or “New Bauhaus”)

Oscars 2010


My Katrina Diary

Chicago Mayoral Race 2011

Obama’s Ratings in Pew Poll 2010

Ben Bernanke Testifying Before Congress 2010

Media Restrictions in Aftermath of BP Oil Spill

U.S. Sanctions Against Iran

Debate Over “Office Of Minority And Women’s Inclusion” Provision in Consumer Protection Act


Erotic Therapy: Chicago Dominatrices

Buzzzzzed: Chicago Beekeepers


Hot Tips: Thwarting Burglars

Hot Tips: If I Were Mayor of Chicago

Hot Tips: Spring Cleaning

Hot Tips: Holiday Party

Hot Tips: Recruiting Famous Artists for NBA Dream Team



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